Editing Lectures


You may now edit recorded sessions by cutting and pasting slides. This allows you to totally remove a slide or reorder the slides.

Quick Access

  1. Select your lecture
  2. Edit: Cut, Paste
  3. Publish


  1. Select the session you wish to edit
    1. Launch the Presenter.
    2. Select Edit Existing Lecture in the File pulldown menu.
    3. Navigate to the desired lecture.
    4. Your revised session will be saved in a new lecture name. The default name is to prepend the existing name with EDITED-. You may change this to another name in the Save Edited Lecture In Unpublished Area As text field (note: you also have the option later of changing the lecture name during Publish).
    5. The new edited lecture will be located in the Unpublished Community/Folder. When you attempt to Publish the revised session later, you need to select Unpublished to find it. If a lecture has already been edited, then it is likely that the name starting with EDITED- already exists. So you will need to change the name to something else (e.g. starting with EDITED-2-).
    6. Click the Continue button to start the Editor.
  2. Edit your session
    1. The Editor is very similar to the Player. You can play the session to review your changes as you go. When you wish to perform edits click the Pause button. After cutting or pasting slides you may click Play at any time.
    2. You edit by cutting and pasting slides. To delete a slide simply cut a slide without pasting it back. To reorder slides, you will perform one or more cuts followed by one or more paste operations. (Note: if you cut 3 slides, each subsequent paste will paste back the cut slides (e.g. cutting slides 4, 7, and 9 will paste back 9, 7, 4 where ever you place the paste operations)).
    3. Cut: Delete a slide
      • Click the desired slide thumbnail in the left panel.
      • Select Cut Slide n in the Edit pulldown menu (where n is the slide number you've highlighted).
    4. Paste: To paste a slide that has been cut you have 2 choices
      • Paste a cut slide before a specific slide:
        • Click the slide thumbnail in the left panel.
        • Select Paste before slide n in the Edit pulldown menu (where n is the slide number you've highlighted).
      • Paste a cut slide at the end of the session by selecting Paste at end in the Edit pulldown menu.
    5. Save your revised lecture by selecting Save changs in the File pulldown menu.
    6. Exit the Editor by selecting Exit in the File pulldown menu.
    7. You are now returned to the Presenter.
  3. Publish the revised session in the Presenter
    1. Select Publish Existing Lecture in the File pulldown menu.
    2. Select the Unpublished radio button.
    3. Navigate to the revised lecture in the right panel.
    4. Click the Choose Selected Lecture button.
    5. You may need to login.
    6. Select and enter all the details in the publish form and click the Publish button.
    7. Click the Done button.
    8. You may exit the Presenter or may perform other functions within the Presenter.