To present and record your educational session you only need a computer with a microphone. If you intend to annotate your content by writing words or drawing diagrams or equations, then we suggest you use a computer that enables you to draw better than by using a mouse. Tablet PCs, SmartBoards, or external tablet pads work well. If you are presenting/recording in a classroom environment, then an LCD projector and a wireless microphone are suggested.

If you have any questions regarding computers or equipment, please contact us at

You need not be connected to a network in order to present and record your session. The Presenter needs to be installed on your computer in advance; this requires a network. Additionally, if you have source content, e.g. a PowerPoint file, then you need to convert that in advance in the Presenter. You may then use the Presenter when off the network, present, and record your session, and simply defer the publishing step until you are back on a network later.

Playback of content can be done from any computer. The Lecture123 Player must be installed. The only equipment requirement is a need for speakers or a headset in order to listen to the audio portion.

Please be sure that the computers that are using Lecture123 meet the minimum system requirements.