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Students, you may also wish to read the Student Jump Start.

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This document provides information to jump start your effective use of Lecture123. We suggest installing Lecture123 and obtaining your user account now. Users tell us that the best way to learn Lecture123 is to start recording and playing back sessions while reviewing the documentation. Please feel free to email us at support@lecture123.com with any questions - we pride ourselves in helping you maximize your Lecture123 experience.

Introducing Lecture123

Simply put, Lecture123 allows instructors to present/record sessions with voice, PowerPoint and whiteboard slides, and annotations. Publish the session for collaborative playback on the web, anytime, anyplace. Students click to ask questions during playback. Questions with instructors' answers are seamlessly integrated into the original presentation benefiting all participants. All content including slide and questions/answers (QA) is searchable, e.g. as a study tool.

The Lecture123 product suite includes: (a) Presenter program to present, record, and publish content; (b) web content management, usage monitoring, search, and delivery platform; (c) Player with streamed playback and collaboration; (d) podcasted content delivery, e.g. for playback on audio and video iPods.

Lecture123 works on most computers, e.g. Windows, Macs, Linux. To record you need a microphone (built-in to most laptops). You may annotate your presentation with a mouse, tablet pen, or intelligent whiteboard. Playback requires a headset or speakers.

Faculty First Steps

See also Student Jump Start First Steps

  1. Your Lecture123 Community: If you do not have a community, then please complete the new community request form and wait for someone from Lecture123 to respond that the community is ready for use. You may play with Lecture123 until then by using the free Demo community (key is demo).
  2. Install Lecture123: follow instructions on the install web page.
  3. Create Your User Account: go to the create account web page, select your community, enter the key and the rest of the information. The community name and key are typically provided to you by the owner of the community (e.g. your instructor). Note: the free trial community is Demo with the key demo.
  4. Start recording, publishing, playing back, podcasting, collaborating: review the Getting Started Web Page.

Getting Started Resources

Usage Overview

This quick tutorial will get you started using Lecture123. Please review the Lecture123 User Manual to see screenshots and details for these steps.

Install Lecture123 on your computer and create a user account using your community key. Login to Lecture123 in your web browser.

Engaging Your Students

Engage your students with a 10 minute demo of Lecture123. Explain the process, record a quick session, and publish it. Playback that session with the class and show them how to ask questions. Answer the questions and play the session again so they can see the QAs embedded in the original session. Finally, do a search based on some word that was on a slide or in a QA. Encourage students to use the QA feature as a new method of collaborating with the instructor. Discuss the ability to get podcasts of published sessions - students are very excited with the mobile playback of Lecture123 sessions on their iPods.

You may want to share the Student Jump Start with your class.


Lecture123 is used in traditional face-to-face, hybrid, and online courses. We see an increasing set of pedagogies. You can decide what works best for your courses.

  • In-class lectures
  • Out-of-class supplemental content
  • Homework/recitations
  • Case studies
  • Tutoring sessions
  • Student presentations
  • Recorded grading sessions
  • Virtual office hours
  • Distance learning
  • Staff development
  • Training
  • Meetings


Lecture123 defines a community as a pool of user accounts with access only to content within that community's repository.

Academic Results

Here's a summary of results collected in user surveys which may help guide your use of Lecture123:

Academic References

The following Lecture123 feedback sessions from faculty and instructional design users provide insights of how and why others are using Lecture123 (note: you will need to enroll your user account in the Demo (key is demo) community to playback these sessions):


We wish you an excellent experience using Lecture123. Please contact us at support@lecture123.com with any questions. Thank you.