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Please see our Corporate and Academic Fact Sheets.

Simply Powerful
  • Combine slides, voice, and annotation into an easy to use communication environment
  • No learning curve
  • Develop your material in PowerPoint - Lecture123 does the rest
  • Immediately available for interactive web-based playback
  • Excellent playback quality over dial-up connections
  • Questions asked during playback are answered by your faculty or experts, automatically integrated into the content
  • Searchable, reusable, and editable
  • No pre or post production costs or time
  • Monitor playback usage and Question/Answer exchange
  • Operates with firewalls and proxies
  • Adaptable to new technologies and devices, e.g. Blackberries, iPods
  • Portal access to hosted content
  • Simple URL integration
  • Content metamorphosis with a repository of knowledge objects
  • Secure, authenticated access
  • Web based for all computing platforms

Corporate Uses Academic Uses
  • Conserve time and budgets with reduced scheduling constraints and travel costs
  • Corporate communications
  • Staff training & development
  • Meeting capture
  • Sales force training and exchange
  • Document review
  • Collaboration
  • Traditional lectures
  • Supplemental content
  • Homework, recitations
  • Tutoring
  • Student presentations
  • Recorded grading sessions
  • Virtual office hours
  • Distance learning
  • Staff development

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