One Time Installation

Lecture123 requires a set of one time installation steps. The instructions can vary depending on the the operating system on your computer and what is already installed.

Please visit our Installation Details page for more detailed information and troubleshooting tips.

One Time Installation Instructions

Lecture123 Installer for Windows

Download and run the Lecture123 Installer for Windows based computers. Click on the desired installer type below, save the file on your computer, and then run that program clicking through the various steps and screens that the Installer displays.

This installation is a two phase install: (1) run the installer, and (2) run Lecture123. Both phases require a network connection. Once the install is complete you must run either the Presenter or Player program the first time connected to a network so it can get any updates. This update action is performed automatically for you. However, if you install and try to run without a network the first time, you will get an error.

Installer TypeSizeDescription
Lecture123 Installer with Java not currently available 16MB This is the "classic" installer. Includes Java installer that only installs the JRE if none exists or if the version is too old. Java install does require administrator (non-admin users are warned).
Lecture123 Installer without Java not currently available 600KB Small download. For users that already have Java. Will warn user if there's no Java on their computer.

Important Information for Java on Windows Computers

Lecture123 Installer for Non Windows Computers

There is no installer to run for Apple, Linux, or Solaris computers. Please follow these instructions to get started:

Minimum System Requirements


We are here to make your use of Lecture123 simple and successful. Please email any bugs, feature requests, or documentation issues to the Lecture123 Support Team.