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Login/Access Control System


Lecture123 defines a community as a pool of user accounts with access only to content within that community's repository. The administrator of Lecture123 at your institution has worked with the Lecture123 team to organize these communities. If a Lecture123 community does not already exist for your use, then complete the new community request form and wait for someone from Lecture123 to respond that the community is ready for use. You may play with Lecture123 until then by using the free Demo community (key is demo).



There are 2 login roles:

For Administrators

As the administrator of Lecture123 being used in your organization you work with the Lecture123 team to define the number and names of the communities you require, and the number of instructor and student users.

User members within a given community can only access content published in that community. You have your choice on how to define your communities. Here are some sample community arrangements:

Within a given community the instructor may create folders that contain related content. You need to define the community/folder hierarchy that works best in your environment.

Once the communities are defined by Lecture123 as per your input, user accounts are created and self managed. As the administrator, you will receive a community name and key from Lecture123 for each community you requested. You will share this single key with the instructor in each community. First, the instructor uses this key to register for an instructor login account in their community on a simple web form.

Currently instructors must register before students and if there's more than one instructor in a community, we must manually set that up for you. In this case, please have all the instructors register for their login accounts. Please send these login account names via email to support@lecture123.com and ask us to enable these logins as instructors.

Once the instructor is registered, s/he will share this community key with the students who then register for their accounts. Students enrolled in more than one community (e.g. if they are taking 2 classes and each class has a separate community) only need to create one login account and then they can register this account across multiple communities. Users simply login by identifying their account ID and password, and then they can select their active community.


Please contact us via email with any questions.