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Lecture Recording Instructions

The Lecture123 Presenter is the tool used to present and record sessions. Once you have created your user account and have installed the Lecture123 software on your computer you are ready to start.


The basic steps are:

  1. Prepare Your Source Content
  2. Launch the Presenter
  3. Selecting a PowerPoint or Whiteboard Session
  4. Presenting/Recording Your Session
  5. Publishing Your Session

More information including screenshots are available in the Lecture123 User Manual. Another excellent resource is the Getting Started FAQ.


  1. Prepare Your Source Content
    You can present PowerPoint slides in your recording session. This makes it easy for you to use the authoring tools you are familiar with and also incorporate digital assets from other sources, e.g. textbook publishers, screenshots, images, etc. At any time during the recording session you can insert a blank slide to enhance your presentation with a digital whiteboard. You may also choose to record whiteboard only sessions.

  2. Launch the Presenter
    The Presenter can be launched via the icon on your computer desktop (this is created when you install the Lecture123 software). You may also launch the Presenter by logging into the Lecture123 web site, clicking on the Record shortcut in the blue toolbar up top, and then clicking on the Presenter link on that web page.

  3. Selecting a PowerPoint or Whiteboard Session
    Once the Presenter program is started (as per instructions above) simply click on on the Start button. You may then choose to start a PowerPoint or Whiteboard session (converted slideset is an advanced feature seldom used). If you select PowerPoint, then navigate to your file and click Next. (Note: the first time you open a specific PowerPoint file it will be converted to an open format called SVG). You are now ready to start your recording session.

  4. Presenting/Recording Your Session
    You may now click Start Recording.

    1. Now the Presenter will load your slides and start the recording.
    2. When you see your first slide appear, you may begin your presenting your lecture: talking, scribbling, navigating through the slides in any order you wish.
    3. Take note of the small square to the right of the Resume button; this is a volume meter to ensure that your voice is being recorded. You may need to change your computer audio settings as per the Audio Testing and Setup instructions.
    4. The three icons on the top right allow you to change from pen to highlighter mode and also insert a blank slide. You may also change your pen and highlighter colors and width. Edit > Erase Current Scribble allows you to erase anything you've drawn on the current slide.
    5. You may Pause and Resume recording at any time.
    6. Once your session is complete click Stop to enter the publish phase.

  5. Publishing Your Session
    Now that you have completed your recording session you can publish your session. If you are short on time, select Publish Later, click Next, and exit the Presenter. Here are the instructions to publish later.

    Please follow these steps to publish your session now:

    1. Select Publish and click Next.
    2. Select the Community you wish to publish to from the pulldown menu.
    3. Select the Lecture Folder from the pulldown menu or type in a new one (folders allow you to organize sessions within a given community).
    4. Use the Lecture Name assigned or change to something you prefer.
    5. Enter the Author Email you would like to receive notices about the life cycle of this session.
    6. You may check the audio or video podcast option and also enable printing in the Player (by default your sessions are not available as podcasts and can not be printed as a means to protect your intellectual property).
    7. Once all the desired settings have been made, please click Publish. All the local files from your recording session are now uploaded to the server and members of that community can now playback your session.
    8. When the publish is complete, click Done and you may exit the Presenter.