What Are Lecture123 Users Allowed to Do?

This page describes the different type of users (roles) and how users are assigned their roles. Additionally, we review all the possible functions that users can perform and provide a table of which functions are allowed for each user type.


User Roles

There are three type of roles that users may become for a specific community (note: since a user may be a member of multiple communities, it is possible to have diffrerent roles assigned for each community). Here's a brief overview of each user type. More details are provided in the table of functions allowed below.

Designating User Roles

When a community is created by the site administrator the number of positions made available for each role are defined. Typically these numbers are requested in the Lecture123 community request form. Here's a pertinent excerpt from that form:

# of Student slots
# of Author slots
New users become Authors
(by default until # of author slots reached)

The first user to enroll into this community will become an Author. We recommend that the primary Author in a new community (e.g. a teacher) enroll before other participants. If "New users become Authors" is checked when the community is created, then subsequent enrollments will become Authors until those slots are consummed (otherwise all users then become Students), and then users become Students until those slots are taken. When there are no more Author or Student slots available new enrollment attempts are disallowed.

Once the community is created, the site administrator may change the number allocated slots for Students and Authors, and may change the role assigned to a specific user (e.g. changing Students to Authors so they can publish sessions). If you wish to request these changes, please send an email to support@lecture123.com.

Functions Possible within a Community

This list summarizes the various functions that users can perform. The table of functions allowed below shows which functions are avaialble for each user type.

  1. Playback sessions
  2. Podcast subscription only if author has enabled podcasting
  3. Publish sessions
  4. Ask questions during playback
  5. Answer questions for sessions they have authored
  6. Answer questions for any session
  7. See playback statistics for sessions they have authored
  8. See playback statistics for any session
  9. Print sessions during playback only if authored enabled printing
  10. Manage sessions they've authored, e.g. copy, move, delete, properties
  11. Manage any session in the community

Functions Allowed Per User Role

The column heading letters correspond to the function list above.

  A B C D E F G H I J K
Community Admin